How to get Rid of Constipation Naturally

If you are reading this article then you probably have not had a bile movement in quite some time.  No need to be concerned you are just suffering one side effect or symptom of a poor diet.  Most likely you are consuming too much of one, some or all of the following foods.  Meat, Dairy and Refined Carbohydrates.  You should note that to avoid constipation in the future it would be wise to abstain from these foods and adopt a vegan diet. Nonetheless here is my foolproof all natural program to get your flow going again.


  1. Go to your nearest grocery store.


  1. Get the following organic fruits and vegetables as available:
    1. Peach
    2. Plums
    3. Kiwi
    4. Watermelon
    5. Honeydew Melon or Cantaloupe
    6. Arugula
    7. Mango
  2. Regarding the peach, plum and kiwi and fig.  Eat these with the skin on.  Take a serving of the watermelon and the canteloupe.  For Mango and the arugula add a couple of servings of each into your favorite blender with filtered water and enjoy.

You should have a bile movement with 4 – 6 hours, most likely sooner.   Don’t thank me thank the fiber in the foods you just ate

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