How I prevent and cure erectile dysfunction naturally – (Tip #1) – Eat Watermelon

Erectile dysfunction is more commonly know as ED.  It’s defined as the physical inability of a man to develop and or maintain an erection during sexual activity.  Before I offer remedies, solutions and preventative practices I have first have to add a disclaimer.  This guide is based on the assumption that you do not have any mental inabilities that are preventing you from performing.  Thus with that said this ongoing series will serve as a guide and reference to prevent or cure ED.  


Watermelon is truly a gift from nature.  It was fruit that is easily enjoyed because of it’s sweet taste and refreshing experience because of it’s high water content.  For men, it may also save as aid in helping sexually performance.  To explain how watermelon works let’s take a look at the biochemical processes that can affect the quality of an erection.   Under ideal circumstance, a erection is initiated once nitric oxide is innately release as a result of mental stimuli.  This nitric oxide stimulates guanylate cyclase to process (guanosine triphosphate) into cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). The cGMP then stimulate penile muscles to relax and allow blood flow to produce and sustain an erection.  As a side note,  common ED drugs like Viagra, Cialis and others work by blocking normal degradation of cGMP (which doesn’t happen to all men with ED, but a large enough percentage to demonstrate the ED results that these ED companies advertise).  It should be also noted that these ED drugs have lots of side effects and can be fatal. So is there another way to improve and sustain erection quality?  Yes


You can do it by increasing the Nitric oxide available.  The human body makes it naturally from the breakdown of l-arginine. Instead of taking L-arginine supplements you can eat foods that boosts l-arginine in the blood.  Such foods would be high in citrulline because citrulline is an arginine precursor.  One of the best all natural foods for citrulline is….  You guessed it.  Watermelon.   So much so that citrulline derives its name from the latin word for watermelon which is citrullus.  
Take a study that was conducted to determine the effect of citrulline supplementation and erectile hardness.  Fifty percent of men with erectile dysfunction reported normal erections and had twice as much sex when supplementing citrulline up to 1.5 grams per day.  That would be equivalent to about 4 – 6 cups of watermelon flesh unless you also eat the rind and the white part which has considerably more citrulline and then you would have to consume less.  Moreover, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on a yellow watermelon then you can have the same intake of citrulline by eating 1 – 2 cups on average.

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